Voices of Support

October 13, 2010

Attached you will find the resolution passed by the Alumni Association in support of the student led process to select an on field mascot to represent the Ole Miss Rebels. Below is a letter from Alumni Association President Charles Clark.

Resolution from alumni association v 4-1

The Alumni Association Board of Directors met with representatives of the Mascot Search Committee (MSC) and the Ramey Agency (the outside professionals guiding the MSC) during our spring meeting on April 10. The MSC outlined the process, discussed the inclusive focus group sessions they are having, and took all of the questions from the directors, including many of the former presidents of the Alumni Association, who were present. We are confident that they are moving in the right direction in proposing a new on-field mascot for our Ole Miss Rebels, and let me emphasize here that we will remain the Ole Miss Rebels! To that end, the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association voted to adopt the attached resolution.

We encourage all interested parties to participate in the process by visiting the MSC website at www.mascot.olemiss.edu and providing your ideas on a new mascot.

Charles C. Clark
President, Ole Miss Alumni Association

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