Inside the MSC #2

April 15, 2010

Since The Daily Mississippian’s debut article highlighting our formation, things have only been more fast and furious.

Our website, which was being formed less than 24 hours after the committee’s first meeting has grown by leaps and bounds.  It started with a simple statement from the committee and it has been added to almost daily since.  Among the features now available, the site includes a weekly poll, links to articles about the committee, and most importantly the “Got Ideas?” page.  This, as I’m sure you’ve discovered, is a page where we are able to receive ideas from anyone with a dial-up connection or better.  It has not disappointed.  We’ve received so many great ideas, many of which are ideas that we hadn’t thought of or heard of prior to the submission.  I can assure y’all that every post has been read by the committee(most a number of times).

Other than the overwhelming quality and quantity of ideas that have come pouring in, there is another thing that stands out amongst the submissions.  It is obvious to all of us that the tide is changing, evidenced by the enormous amount of support for the committee and the process.  It’s thrilling to see everyone excited about the future of Ole Miss.  No one wants to ignore the history that has shaped this community, but the consensus knows that the future is truly bright.  This mascot is only one of the many opportunities for us as a Rebel Nation to highlight our “Great American Public University”.

In addition to the website, the committee has spent the last week holding “Rebel Rallies” with student organizations and Alumni groups.  These Rallies have been instrumental to our gaining an understanding of Ole Miss community.  These Rallies have served as a secondary way to gather ideas for the mascot in a face to face manner.  If a theme ran throughout all of these Rallies it would have to be enthusiasm.  We saw enthusiasm for the impending mascot that will eventually come to fruition as well as enthusiasm for the mere opportunity to be directly involved in the process.

As if we needed it, the committee has been rejuvenated even further by the students and alumni of this University over the past few weeks.  There is no doubt that this process will be challenging for all of us, but the voices of support and excitement will no doubt go a long way towards the discovery and conception of the right mascot for all of us!

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