Post-Poll #1 Update

September 29, 2010

As the Rebel Mascot Selection Committee continues with its effort in selecting a new on-field mascot for the University of Mississippi, it remains top priority to keep the Ole Miss family informed of all information and processes along the way.


We are overwhelmed with the participation from the first poll. We received 13,084 responses from students, faculty, staff, alumni and season ticket-holders. See below the breakdown of each group:

  • Alumni 4,280
  • Season Ticket Holders 1,492
  • UM Students (Oxford, Tupelo, Southaven) 5,794
  • UM Employees (Oxford, Tupelo, Southaven) 917
  • UM Medical Center Students (UMMC – Jackson) 159
  • UM Medical Center Employees (UMMC – Jackson) 442


The polling was calculated on a Likert scale using the following polling system:

A I love this idea. 5
B I like this idea. 4
C Not my favorite but I could accept this idea. 3
D I have problems with this idea. 2
E I very much dislike this idea. 1

The five mascot ideas that gained the most support are (in no particular order):

  • Horse

  • Land Shark

  • Hotty and Toddy

  • Lion

  • Bear

The original 11 mascots were a direct response from polling, focus groups, website input, and opinions of the committee members. Of these 11 mascots, the five above were the top five from the poll. Let us note that we have heard your voice regarding the muppet reference in Hotty and Toddy. If they make it to the next poll, the Ole Miss family will have an opportunity to see and vote on the graphic depictions for the pair. We recognize that verbiage has caused confusion; we hear you and we will make this right.

At this point our mascot professionals are creating graphic depictions for each of the five ideas above. These considerations would include clothing, expression, personality, etc. Other important issues are also being considered such as trademarks, particulars involved with housing/keeping wild animals, and other challenges to sort through. When all of this is accomplished, and the committee has given careful consideration to all of the information before them, we will present a number of these top five candidates in another poll for viewing and preference selection by the Ole Miss family. Between two and five of the mascot candidates the committee considers to be viable options will be included in this next poll.

It is our greatest desire during this selection period that all entities are aware of our process, and remain well informed of each decision being made. We thank you for your patience and support and are looking forward to the end result.

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