Letter from the Rebel MSC

June 25, 2010

Dear Rebel Community,

We, as a committee view the selection of a new mascot as an opportunity for the entire Ole Miss community to create meaningful and lasting positive traditions that will further write the book on the Ole Miss Rebels’ enduring history. We share a common goal of securing the best representation of an on-field mascot that is distinctive, unique, and sensitive to Ole Miss traditions, values, and our culture. We are seeking a mascot that depicts pride, courage and competitive spirit, as well as one that can stand the test of time. The primary and unbendable criteria in selecting a new on-field mascot is the will of the Ole Miss student body, the faculty, the alumni, the Oxford community, and the State of Mississippi. As this student led process begins, we expect and demand that it continues to be just that, student led. As a committee it is our sole obligation to continue to open avenues of idea sharing so as to hear from all who offer well developed and constructive ideas. Continuing to maintain a campus of deep rooted and rich tradition starts and ends with all of those affected.

We have created this website in order to assist us in achieving this vision. We aspire to make this process as transparent as possible. While this site is constantly under development, we hope that you will explore the pieces currently in place and utilize the “Got Ideas?” page in order to make your ideas known. ¬†We ask each individual that wishes to take part in this initiative to use this website as the official mode of communication with the Mascot Selection Committee. It is an honor to help lead this student initiative and we will do so as efficiently as possible. We aspire to hear your story and your passion for Ole Miss and we hope this mascot instills a newfound sense of energy that will unite each of us for generations to come.

Hotty Toddy
The Mascot Selection Committee

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